Artifacts from “First-Night”

History tells us that the generation ship that brought humanity to Triptych (the planet), landed on the planet’s sole continent in the middle of one of its long nights. Thus “The Arrival” is also commonly referred to as “First Night.”

artifacts-from-first-night 2Very few remnants of the generation ship are known to survive today, but one of the most popularly known and well-preserved are the artifacts known as “The Waiting Hands.” They indicate that the Founders who arrived on that First Night on the generation ship had robotics technology that was lost in later generations.

Only in the last four decades has robotics technology begun to reach a level comparable to what “The Waiting Hands” suggest the Founders possessed. The most notable contemporary advance has been the harlikins, robots designed to assist in hospitals and other emergency medical situations. Halikins, however, are not androids possessing human-like physical form, and human-like hands (like those of the artifact) have been difficult for robotics specialists and engineers to replicate, even with the lessons that The Waiting Hands have provided. The nanotechnology involved in reproducing such robotics features is still being developed by Trapenian scientists.