Research and Process


e can go online and read books and get all kinds of individual facts from them, but that is not the interesting part of research (or even being a scholar). What is far more interesting is participating in the Research Process!

The research process is–
1. Ask an interesting question that no one knows a *definitive* answer to. Based on what *is* already known, form a hypothesis that might be an answer to the question.

2. Research the question using varied sources and tools to accumulate data related to the question

3. Analyze the data and figure out the verifiable and plausible connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information–discard data or conclusions that have no bearing on the question (but beware not to discard data or conclusions that could disprove an hypothesis)


4. Write a report that uses the data to give the best possible answer to the original question

5. The *best* reports answering the research question will raise yet other interesting questions to pursue….

**Research is an iterative process!