Adventures in 3D Printing and Speculative Design

My Sinoreaper was the first attempt at making a 3D-printable object using the 123D Design software.


Authentic Trapeñian Drinking Cups™

I have yet to actually print it out (still some tweaking to do), but it has been a couple of months since that first experiment with using the software. Still being a n00b to the software and 3D printing, I decided I wanted to make something a little more practical than the fictional sinoreaper harvesting device, something that could be used right out of the printer. So I made a set of Authentic Trapeñian Drinking Cups™.

I was sort of starting from scratch, relearning the software in order to make these cups. Figuring out how to use the loft function


Stylized Trapeñian tree with Trapeñia in the very center and its two large moons on either side among the foliage.

to make the base took me a while, and creating the stylized image of the native-Trape&ntile;ian tree that contains the image of Trapeñian and its two moons in the center of the foliage was fiddly, but the eight hours it took to design this was worth it!

You may download a zip file containing the.stl file for this 123D Design project here.